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July 15, 2013

A South of France Wedding – Ingrid & Norman – Bonneville – Rhône-Alpes – France

Here’s a story of a French Italian girl named Ingrid. She liked to travel, and we became friends when she was in Sydney years ago. Fast forward a few years and she’s in Mexico at the wedding of her brother and decides to stay a while. Here she meets Norman, an American born Mexican British boy, who tries to persuade her to stay and see more of him. But Ingrid decides she wants to travel, and that’s that. A few months later Ingrid comes to visit me while I am living in London.. no need for me to pick her up from the airport, someone named Norman has come to meet her ….

So what happens next? A 24 hour party in Bonneville, a small pretty town near the Alps bringing people from all corners of the earth to celebrate their wedding. A surprise Mariachi band was to be expected…

L x

  1. Carissa says:

    What amazing pics Lisa! I wish I’d known about Love Note for our wedding! xx

  2. Britt Spring says:

    Oh Lisa! im sorry i missed this wedding! South of France? I’m so jealous. You have captured such a happy day for Ingrid & Norman I especially love your portraits. I cannot wait to see more of your work! B xx

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