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July 15, 2014

Misseri Family – Camden – NSW

Love-Note-Photography-6 Love-Note-Photography-45 Love-Note-Photography-1 Love-Note-Photography-55 Love-Note-Photography-11 Love-Note-Photography-54 Love-Note-Photography-77 LN-12 LN1 LN-11 LN-7 Love-Note-Photography-129 LN-16 LN-15 Love-Note-Photography-16 Love-Note-Photography-58 Love-Note-Photography-75 LN6LN-3 LN-24 LN-5 Love-Note-Photography-111 LN4 Love Note Photography 135 Love-Note-Photography-91 LN-13LN-19 LN2 LN-21 LN-14 LN-17 LN-20 LN-8 LN-23 LN-9- LN-22 LN-18 LN-10 Love-Note-Photography-128I am so happy to share this beautiful family session. Angelina and Matthew are some of my oldest and dearest friends and as anyone who has lived overseas knows, sometimes you miss things back home.. important things like when your best friends start growing their family. So you can imagine how special it was for me to be able to spend the day not only getting to know their little ones Giovanni and Stefani, but to be able to capture on film the love between them and the strong family values that they both bring from their Italian and Greek roots. Lina and I attended school together and I clearly remember the summer holiday when she met Matt and giggling together trying to figure out if he liked her and if she liked him. To see them now as a family of four is one of the most wonderful and surreal things.

And their session was featured on the lovely 100 Layer Cake-let blog!

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