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October 9, 2017



On our way to capture a wedding in Thailand, (a country we had been to many times) I was eager to explore a new city this time. We decided to take the flights that sent us via Singapore, somewhere we had never been.. and just scratch the surface of this city with 24 hours to enjoy and take in as much as we could. It’s pretty easy to see some of the common icons of the city when you head down to the stunning harbour.. but as usual we were interested in the culture and food we could find here. I had read about the many religions I would find here and this was immediately obvious as we took a stroll down the street and found both a temple and mosque coexisting in the same space. We hit up the famous Hainanese chicken rice where both locals and visitors were enjoying side by side. (Not pictured.. Singapore chilli crab cause let’s be honest it doesn’t photograph that well with greasy fingers!) We even managed to explore one of the newer areas with a beautiful beach we later learnt was man made. I sensed that there was a lot more to discover but the city was not going to reveal herself to people who were only giving her 24 hours.. I’m not sure when the time will come for us to visit next but we look forward to discovering more.. and heading back to those hawker stalls for some more chicken rice! L x 

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