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November 8, 2017

Wanderers // Postcards from Queenstown – New Zealand

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As I was driven from the airport and into town I could not believe in all my 20 years of travelling I had not stepped foot into the country next door.. it had been sitting here all along with this spectacular beauty and this was the first time I was seeing it! As beautiful as some of my favourite towns in Europe but with it’s own charm, Queenstown won me over before I had even stepped off the plane (what a landing!). I recalled once seeing some stunning images of Queenstown taken by another photographer years ago and immediately I needed to know how they edited their photos as the colours were so beautiful (spoiler alert, they shot film of course) but then I came to realise it wasn’t just the beauty of film photography creating these colours but the incredible light that bounces off the mountains in this area. Not only beautiful to the eye in person but also when my scans came back, here I could really see the pastel colours I had loved that day when looking at those images of Queenstown. I just have three more decisions to make now.. what size to print these images and where to hang them and when is the next time we can go back? I feel like seeing the town in Spring will be completely different and just as beautiful. 

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