I grew up with a camera in my hand and a mother who was obsessed with taking at least one photo every day (and now has boxes of prints all over her house). She took photos of every school excursion, the world around her and her dog Kimba; collecting several different cameras including inheriting her mother’s camera and one shaped like a Coke can. At 18 I was hooked when given an SLR camera as a present and got on with learning all there was to know about how to use it. I love taking photos of people, weddings, cheeky children, places travelled and capturing moments of love.

In 2009, feeling like I was the only person still shooting film, I switched to digital (finally), but those film photos still sat in the back of my mind. One night, after looking through some old film photos I couldn’t get over their unique look so I decided to start shooting film again and in the process discovered new techniques and inspirations. I fell in love with photography all over again, back where I started – film. Today I shoot with Digital and Film cameras, exploring the best of each medium. I now have boxes of prints all over the house.

Nelson has also come to share my passion for photography, he started taking photos of all the things I didn’t see – strange and unique details, his own story. Now they complement each other’s style and are both just as eager as the other to (occasionally) get up at 5am on holiday to catch the beautiful light!

We have recently returned to our hometown of Sydney, Australia after 4 years of travelling and living abroad. We are looking for awesome people to join in creating something special with them and still like taking photos of dogs.

We specialize in fine art film photography. Film is my real passion, it has a look and feel that is virtually impossible to replicate with digital. I had the privilege recently to attend Jen Huang’s creative film workshop hosted by Magnolia Rouge in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand. There I learnt so much and met so many other talented film photographers from around the world.

Our wedding packages start from AUD $3,900 and we are also available for portrait and editorial work. Please fill out the contact form below for more details or email us at

Photo taken by the lovely portrait photographer Britt Spring on Sydney Harbour. 

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