Sydney Wedding Photographer - Wedding Styling Handbook - Modern Wedding - Philip Carr - Grandiflora

Grandiflora-Sydney-Flowers Love-Note-Photography-Saskia-Grandiflora Sydney-Wedding-Philip-Carr Quey-Restaurant-Grandiflora-Flowers Quay-Restaurant-Philip-Carr-Food- Philip-Carr-Photo Philip Carr Saskia-Grandiflora-Wedding-Flowers styling-philip-carr Grandiflora-Styling-Quay-Restaurant Quay-Restaurant-Philip-Carr-Grandiflora- Philip-Carr-Styling-Wedding-Cheese Grandiflora-Philip-Carr-Sydney-Wedding Sydney-Harbour-Philip-Carr-Quay-restaurant piano-quay-restaurant Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Philip-Carr grandiflora-flowers Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Love-Note-Photography-Philip-Carr-Events-Modern-Wedding-13 grandiflora-philip-carr-2 Grandiflora-Philip-Carr-Wedding-Quay-Restaurant Grandiflora-Saskia-Quay-Restaurant-Wedding Grandiflora-Quay-Restaurant-Wedding opera-house-quay-restaurant Philip-Carr-Quay-Restaurant-Wedding Philip-Carr-Styling-Sydney quay-restaurant-philip-carr-wedding quay-restaurant-philip-carr-3 quay-restaurant-philip-carr-wedding-5 quay-restaurant-wedding-philip-carr-1 saskia-havekes-grandiflora- Sweets-Bar-Philip-Carr Quay-Restaurant-Wedding-Philip-Carr Sweets-Bar-Philip-Carr-wedding Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-Love-Note-Photography-Philip-Carr-Events-Modern-Wedding-9- sydney-harbour-philip-carr-quay-restaurant-2 Piano-Quay-Restaurant-Wedding Sydney-Harbour-Quay-Restaurant

A few months ago I was very happy to be asked by Modern Wedding Magazine to capture some images of Philip Carr's amazing styling for this beautiful wedding held at Quay Restaurant for their Styling Handbook. Watching him work behind the scenes like a well oiled machine, he combined the creative talents of Saskia Havekes from Grandiflora to create one of the most amazing floral displays I have seen with a cornucopia of cheese and Italian food, sweets and chocolates ... it was absolute torture trying to resist a bite! Seeing the sun set over Sydney and the lights twinkling as they came on around Sydney Harbour set the mood for one beautiful wedding reception.

L x

Whimsical Woodland Wedding - Roz la Kelin 2014 Collection - Spring - Milton House - Bowral - NSW

Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-3 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-2 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-5 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-19 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-29 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-25 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-54 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-28 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-16 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-15 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-17 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-10 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-37 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-30 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-14 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-38 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-13 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-35 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-55 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-32 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-46 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-20 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-60 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-7 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-18 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-4 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-39 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-6 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-1 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-40 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-21 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-42 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-48 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-59 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-12 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-47 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-51 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-36 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-45 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-27 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-26 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-49 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-62 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-44 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-61 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-33 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-31 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-9 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-41 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-8 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-24 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-43 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-53 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-23 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-58 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-11 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-52 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-50 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-22 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-64 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-34 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-66 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-65 Sydney Bridal Photographer Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-57 Sydney-Wedding-Photographer-56

Pearl Collection 2014 from astory on Vimeo.


Some say it's the most amazing bluebell wood in Australia. For me, it was a beautiful reminder of springtime in Europe.  Milton House in Bowral was one of the most exquisite properties I have had the fortune to visit. From the cherry blossoms along the lane and in the restaurant, to the gorgeous vine covered pool house and the Bluebell Wood which included daffodils, tulips, snowdrops and magnolias. What privilege it was to work with such a talented team on Roz la Kelin's 2014 Pearl collection shoot.

Stunning gowns by : Roz la Kelin

Make up & Hair : Abbey Love

Model: Erica East

Video : A Story Films

Location: Milton Park Country House 

As Evening Falls... - World Tower Penthouse - Sydney

Love Note Photography Roz la Kelin Sheridan gown

A quiet moment in between photos for Roz la Kelin's Diamond range. I can't think of many places in Sydney where the city view is better than the Penthouse of the World Tower Apartments. We had almost a 360 degree view of the beautiful golden sunset flooding the city and suburbs; from the beaches to the mountains.

After growing up in Sydney and travelling to many places, it was amazing to be blown away by seeing the city from this viewpoint.

Shot on my Contax medium format film camera, Fuji film.

Processed by Richard Photo Lab.

L x

Roz la Kelin - Diamond & Glamour Plus Lookbook 2015

bridal-Roz-la-kelin-Jubilee-diamond-collection-Jubilee-5879T-wedding-dress-bc Roz-la-Kelin-2015-Collection-Diamond-Wedding-Gown-Love-Note-Photo Roz-la-Kelin-2015-Collection-Glamour-Plus-Diamond-Love-Note-Photo- Roz-la-Kelin-2015-Collection-Glamour-Plus-Diamond-Bride-Love-Note-Photo-bridal-Roz-la-kelin-tierra-diamond-collection-Jubilee-5879T-wedding-dress-bcRoz-la-Kelin-2015-Collection-Diamond-Love-Note-Photo-3Roz-la-Kelin-2015-Collection-Diamond-bride-Love-Note-Photobridal-Roz-la-kelin-antoinete-diamond-collection-Jubilee-5879T-wedding-dress-bc Roz-la-Kelin-2015-Collection--Glamour-Plus-Love-Note-Photo-bridal-Roz-la-kelin-jewel-glamour-plus-collection-Jubilee-5879T-wedding-dress-bcRoz-la-Kelin-2015-Collection-Diamond-Love-Note-Photo-Roz-la-Kelin-2015-Collection-Diamond-Love-Note-Photo-brideRoz-la-Kelin-2015-Collection-Glamour-Plus-Love-Note-Photo-bridal-Roz-la-kelin-jaida-diamond-collection-Jubilee-5879T-wedding-dress-bc Roz-la-Kelin-2015-Collection-Love-Note-Photo-Love-Note-Photography-Roz-la-Kelin-2015Chanele-Rose-Bridal-Flowers-Love-Note-Photography  

What an amazing experience it was photographing Diamond and Glamour Plus ranges for Roz la Kelin's 2015 Lookbook. Working with such talented artists including Chanele Rose Flowers, Make up Mode and The Bridal Hair Co was really something special. I couldn't wait to share a sneak peak today as Roz la Kelin are in New York for Bridal Fashion Week preparing to launch their 2015 collection right now. I can tell you i've seen it up close and the whole Diamond and Glamour Plus ranges are simply stunning. The most intricate beadwork, lovely lace, gorgeous sleeves, beautiful skirts and (my favourite) there are so many incredible backs to these dresses. I can't wait to share the rest of my Roz la Kelin photographs with you soon.

L x

Aaron Favaloro - Illustrator - Northern Beaches - Sydney

Sitting on the Edge Aaron Favaloro Love Note Photo Love-Note-Photography-Aaron-Favaloro-Illustrator-Photo-2 Love-Note-Photography-Aaron-Favaloro-Illustrator-Photo-1 Aaron Favaloro Illustrator Love Note Photography 7 Aaron Favaloro Illustrator Love Note Photography 8 Aaron Favaloro Illustrator Love Note Photography 9 Love-Note-Photography-Aaron-Favaloro-Illustrator-Photo-6 Aaron-Favaloro-Illustrator-YSL-Love-Note-Photo Aaron-Favaloro-Illustrator-Love-Note-Photo Love-Note-Photography-Aaron-Favaloro-Illustrator-Photo-18Just a few pics of the time I spent with my friend Aaron Favaloro in between filming some video for Fashion Asia TV. For something different I took along my Contax film camera and shot off a roll of Ilford Black and White film - I love this look when capturing our Love Note Creatives! If you haven't seen Aaron's work before he loves to sketch fashion icons and blog stars such as Margaret Zhang and you can see the rest of his work on Instagram.

L x


Thailand Wedding Photographer - Visagie Wedding - Santhiya Resort - Koh Phangan - สุราษฎร์ธานี - Thailand

Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 2 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 5 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 3 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 1 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 10 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 4 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 8 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 7 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 9 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 12 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 14 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 13 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 19 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 6 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 15 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 11 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 17 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 16 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 18 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 20 21 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 40 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 39 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 23 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 22 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 24 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 25 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 26 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 28 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 27 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 32 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 30 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 29 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 31 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 33 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 34 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 35 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 36 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 37 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 42 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 38 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 41 Thailand Wedding Destination Ko Phangan 45 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 44 Thailand-Wedding-Destination-Ko-Phangan 43 Thailand Wedding Destination Ko Phangan 46 Thailand Wedding Destination Ko Phangan 47 Thailand Wedding Destination Ko Phangan 50 Thailand Wedding Destination Ko Phangan 48 Thailand Wedding Destination Ko Phangan 53 Thailand Wedding Destination Ko Phangan 49 Thailand Wedding Destination Ko Phangan 51 Thailand Wedding Destination Ko Phangan 52 Thailand Wedding Destination Ko Phangan 54 Thailand Wedding Destination Ko Phangan 57 Thailand Wedding Destination Ko Phangan 58 Thailand Wedding Destination Ko Phangan 55 Thailand Wedding Destination Ko Phangan 56One of my very favourite weddings. Meaghan, originally from Australia was living in London and flew to Cape Town for a friends wedding. There she met Llewellyn and they were inseparable for the rest of her trip. Little did she know that in a few short years she would be living in South Africa with her husband! It made sense to hold their wedding at the Santhiya Resort and Spa in Koh Phangan, Thailand, where friends from around the world could join them.  The heavens opened and it poured with rain and storms all day.. until half an hour before our beautiful bride walked down the aisle. And then the sun made her appearance right when we were taking photos before dinner. After, we ate delicious Thai food and danced on the beach until the early hours of the morning, rain in our hair and sand between our toes. Relaxed and just perfect for this beautiful international couple.

L x

Misseri Family - Camden - NSW

Love-Note-Photography-6 Love-Note-Photography-45 Love-Note-Photography-1 Love-Note-Photography-55 Love-Note-Photography-11 Love-Note-Photography-54 Love-Note-Photography-77 LN-12 LN1 LN-11 LN-7 Love-Note-Photography-129 LN-16 LN-15 Love-Note-Photography-16 Love-Note-Photography-58 Love-Note-Photography-75 LN6LN-3 LN-24 LN-5 Love-Note-Photography-111 LN4 Love Note Photography 135 Love-Note-Photography-91 LN-13LN-19 LN2 LN-21 LN-14 LN-17 LN-20 LN-8 LN-23 LN-9- LN-22 LN-18 LN-10 Love-Note-Photography-128I am so happy to share this beautiful family session. Angelina and Matthew are some of my oldest and dearest friends and as anyone who has lived overseas knows, sometimes you miss things back home.. important things like when your best friends start growing their family. So you can imagine how special it was for me to be able to spend the day not only getting to know their little ones Giovanni and Stefani, but to be able to capture on film the love between them and the strong family values that they both bring from their Italian and Greek roots. Lina and I attended school together and I clearly remember the summer holiday when she met Matt and giggling together trying to figure out if he liked her and if she liked him. To see them now as a family of four is one of the most wonderful and surreal things.

And their session was featured on the lovely 100 Layer Cake-let blog!

L x



Make Up Mode Creatives - Advanced Fashion - Sydney


It was a wonderful experience to be involved in this shoot with one of my favourite creatives, Make-up Mode and the graduates of their Advanced Fashion Course. The Creatives : Elizabeth Mizyed, Shelley Lia, Christina Pirrello and Rebecca Suarez - Camacho. Didn't they come up with some great looks? And the models were just wonderful, luckily it was still warm enough in Sydney autumn to jump in the pool! Many thanks to Sue Markovic and Bec DeMurtas for being such lovely assistants and Eberhardt Jewellery for supplying us with the stunning pieces you see here. If you are thinking about studying the artistry of makeup application have a look at Make-up Mode's classes, there are several options available and Sue is an amazing and generous teacher. I love working with her and her students as they make my photo processing life so simple. The results speak for themselves!

L x