A Weekend In Marrakesh - Morocco

 48 hours in Marrakesh. It's amazing how much you can fit in a weekend when you feel completely transported to another world. From a very snowy London we almost didn't make the short flight to our hot and sunny destination (but that's a whole other long story....). Before we knew it we were being driven in the oldest taxi I've ever experienced to the completely different sound of Arabic music playing through the radio and scenery made up of pinks and oranges. A completely beautiful mess, an assault on the senses. Orange juice, eat here miss, best food here, buy a lamp, I'll show you some nice rugs, snake charmer, take some rosemary to cover the smell of the tannery, blazing sunsets, friendly children, where is that music coming from?, pigeon pie, serenity, wall courtyard, little finches, sweet mint tea, small cakes, roses, back out into the market, how do we find our way out?, french, arabic, english, spices, bargaining, pink shadows, sunset again, time to return, all over too soon. Words feel empty when describing Marrakesh and so, I will write no more.

L x

Art Gallery of New South Wales - Sydney - Australia

I have a terrible habit of not seeing the wonders that are right in front of me and instead seeking out far flung adventures, when brilliant things lie at home. One rainy Saturday we ventured to the Art Gallery of NSW to view this years Archibald Prize finalists. We hadn't been in many years and were in for a treat. After visiting so many famous galleries around the world, we were amazed to see such a high standard of art on display and loved the friendly and peaceful vibe of the gallery. I think I've found my new Sydney serenity retreat!

L x

London Eye - Southbank - London - UK

A week before we were due to leave London, we realised we still hadn't been on the London Eye. So after a day of playing tourist, we watched the sun go down over our beloved second home and recounted adventures we'd had  in the different boroughs of London stretched out along the Thames. Winter was sneaking up, the trees were changing colour and there was a new chill in the air.

It was time to go.

L x

Mamiya 645, Fuji 400h Pro, Scanned by Richard Photo Lab

Mumbles - Worms Head - Rhossili - Gower - Wales - UK

When a friend says with a coy smile they want to show you their home town you know you're in for something special.

And so it was decided, we would head off for a long weekend away from London: four Australians, one New Zealander, two Welshmen and a fluffy white dog named China Bear, to show us her favourite part of Wales. When we left we didn't really know what to expect, but as we crossed the bridge between Bristol and Wales we entered a beautiful and rugged part of the world where street signs are in a strange language, people are very friendly and they smile while speaking with a gentle lilt. Her plan was for us to walk the Worms Head which kept us intrigued - and then we arrived at the lookout. Ahead of us was a great walk to reach the head and back before the tide came in. Horses and sheep roamed the cliff tops and surfers braved the cool water on a beautiful clear day. The scenery was absolutely amazing and we managed to make it there and back just before the tide came in!

On the last day we walked slower this time, soaking in the wide beach and rows of beach houses before heading back to the city and the oncoming winter in London. We let China run free and enjoy the feeling of sand and rocks under his paws with a feeling of melancholy as the sun faded into the ocean, again we were jumping over rocks to escape the tide. Wales now held a special place in our heart and next time it will be our turn to reveal her beauty to the uninitiated. Thank you Rachel for a wonderful weekend.

L x

Canon Digital & Film shot on a Mamiya 645 with Fuji Pro 400h processed by Richard Photo Lab